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What is emBrowdery™?

emBrowdery™ is a gentle technique of creating a very light, hair stroke tattoo to replace lost brow hair. This safe procedure is performed without the need to press down into the skin with a cutting motion. Instead, it uses a very fine formation of 15 needles to snag the skin in a plucking up motion. This gentle technique is known as micro-stippling and eliminates bleeding in normal skin types, prevents scabbing and makes it nearly impossible to scar the skin

After your 1st appointment your brows will look like they have makeup on them. This is because the pigment is still sitting on the top layers of the epidermis. Five days later you will notice a considerable change in appearance. This is because you are now seeing the pigment through the layers of epidermis skin can look up to 70% lighter, depending on skin thickness. ?This is the foundation of your new brows and the perfect result for the client who is anxious that their new brows won?t suit them.

You now choose whether or not to continue on with your subsequent treatments to build up on the foundation of pigment. Desired alterations can be made easily at your 2nd treatment. The 3rd treatment adds enough pigment to give the brow longevity of 12-18 months. This treatment does not eliminate the total use of brow makeup. We are creating a day brow.

When you are wearing makeup, you will most likely feel the need to add more? as you now have a perfect shape, this should only take seconds. Please be aware that once pigment has been applied to the body, the molecule will always remain in the skin. This is the absolute truth no matter which type of semi-permanent treatment you choose to get done.

Where did it begin?

Elaine McParland, the owner of the well recognised salon Up To My Eyes, has been helping clients with their eyebrows for many years. She has advanced training in many techniques of designing brows. Whilst always being able to enhance the brows by using a technique of tinting, waxing, threading, trimming, plucking and make-up application, Elaine soon discovered that only 20% of her clients ever achieved the perfect?brow shape after treatment.

Over 60% of clients had to wait a minimum of 6 months to let their brows grow (in conjunction with the use of eyebrow tonics) to get a proper shape and 20% of her clients would never achieve a balanced brow due to follicle damage. Being obsessed with brows she decided to look to other regions in the world for inspiration.

In 2011, on a trip to Hong Kong to check out the Asian beauty market, Elaine came across this clever eyebrow cloning technique. She was so impressed that she returned to Asia three weeks later to gain private training in this artful technique.

Elaine has been continuously up-skilling since her initial training in Singapore and has attended specialised micro-pigmentation master classes in London, Milan and recently in Moscow. Elaine has been continuously up-skilling since her initial training in Singapore and has attended specialised micropigmentation master classes in London, Milan, Moscow and recently in Dusseldorf.