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Perfect Brows. A Gentle alternative to MicroBlading


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A Gentle alternative to MicroBlading

Benefits of emBrowdery™


Virtually Painless + Low Maintenance

The sensation is similar to plucking. emBrowdery™ is perfect for over-plucked brows or brow-loss due to natural ageing or medically related conditions. It allows you to easily maintain your own brows after procedure.

Minimal Bleeding

It does not cause scarring when performed properly. emBrowdery™ utilizes the theory that perforating the skin to the basal layer of the skin does not scar the skin and that the tiny tips of the needles that snag the papillary layer whilst plucking up the skin does not cause excessive trauma to the skin.

Suits YOUR Face

Strokes are only placed onto the supraorbital ridge of your brow thereby guaranteeing brows are created to suit YOUR face and not fashion dictates.

Light Tattoo Treatment

It is a light tattoo treatment, making it hard to distinguish between real brow hairs. You do not need to apply makeup to suit your brows. Instead you will apply makeup to emBrowdery™ when you are glamming up.

Eliminates Tinting

Strokes can be added to create definition or extra length and thickness and, in most cases, emBrowdery™ eliminates the need for eyebrow tinting.

Three Step Process

emBrowdery™ is the perfect solution if you are fearful about getting semi permanent brows. This treatment is so light that it really doesn't become semi-permanent in the majority of people until your 2nd appointment. This allows you the opportunity to obtain feedback from family and friends before deciding on your final shape and colour. It needs three full treatments before longevity of approx 12 months can be achieved.
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emBrowdery™ is carried out using the

micro-stippling technique

It is different to microblading in so far as it does not blade down into the skin, rather it plucks up the skin, creating tiny little dots of pigment in the process. These minuscule perforations into the skin are creatively designed to emulate brow hairs. The process is slow and precise, minimising the risk of bleeding, virtually eliminating the risk of scarring and giving the client the opportunity of growing accustomed to his/her new brows for a month before they become semi -permanent in the skin.

emBrowdery™ shows the greatest of respect to the skin and is the perfect treatment for those with sensitive skin, low pain thresholds and those who are nervous of semi-permanent treatments. This procedure lasts about 12 ? 18 months. Client results will vary depending on your own skin type, texture and oiliness. A proper consultation will take place to make sure you are a good candidate.

emBrowdery? Pricing

emBrowdery? requires three individual appointments, or “passes”, which will leave you with the perfect lasting eyebrow shape.